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Now THAT'S Livin'... Thumbnail

Now THAT'S Livin'...

The history of the oil business is an entertaining one. It's chock full of colorful characters, littered with stories of gushers and dry wells, and brimming with tales of quick bankruptcies and even quicker resurgences. A new chapter came along this week though...

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Crazier Things Have Happened Thumbnail

Crazier Things Have Happened

Pablo Escobar was one of the most legendary and ruthless drug dealers to ever walk the face of the Earth. At the peak of his powers, Escobar controlled over 80% of the cocaine that flowed across the globe, bringing in an estimated $420 million per week in revenue. To get a sense of scale (adjusted for inflation), Escobar’s cartel generated more in annual sales than companies like Goldman Sachs, Pfizer, or Facebook do today...

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Do Something Thumbnail

Do Something

We’ve been through an incredible amount of volatility in a really short period of time. Last month already feels like a lifetime ago and the news surrounding both coronavirus and the markets seems to change by the minute. It is hard to keep perspective amidst all of this because we’re all subject to our own inherent biases and we’re all just trying to get by in our “new normal”...

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Dipping Your Toe Thumbnail

Dipping Your Toe

We entered 2020 with optimism abound – markets at all-time highs, unemployment at all-time lows, and economic growth chugging along. A mere three months later, we closed the first quarter of 2020 with the worst returns since 2008 and an economy on the brink of collapse...

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F*%k You.  Pay Me. Thumbnail

F*%k You. Pay Me.

There is a great scene in Martin Scorsese’s 1990 masterpiece Goodfellas that perfectly describes the municipal bond market...

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Under Pressure Thumbnail

Under Pressure

We are in the middle of a market panic. The virus has ripped through the fabric of markets and society with a ferocity that very few of us saw coming. I was dead wrong about the severity of the effect that the virus would have on markets...

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