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The "i" Word Thumbnail

The "i" Word

The trade in equity markets to start the week has been pretty awful. The Dow is down around 2,000 points and everyone seems to think that the world is imploding due to the unchecked spread of coronavirus...

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Things I Think I Know Thumbnail

Things I Think I Know

A friend who regularly reads this blog remarked to me recently that I should write a book titled I Don't Know But Nobody Else Does Either. As tempting as that is, I think it means I've probably taken this whole "nobody knows anything" thing a little too far. In the spirit of that, I've compiled a list below of things I think I know.

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Super Improbable Thumbnail

Super Improbable

What do the Chiefs' Super Bowl win and value investing have in common? We're glad you asked...

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The Perils Of Being "Conflicticated" Thumbnail

The Perils Of Being "Conflicticated"

People ask me from time to time what the best part is about being an independent advisor and my answer is always the same: not having an axe to grind. There are no commission targets or product sales goals to worry about, no referral fees or affiliated servicing arrangements to disclose. The business that we’ve created is a really simple one: we provide our clients advice on their financial lives and they pay us a fee for that service...

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