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Getting Personal Thumbnail

Getting Personal

Numbers lie…a lot. I’m not really sure when I realized this but, now that I have, I feel like a whole new world has opened up to me...

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Not Going To Get Sappy Thumbnail

Not Going To Get Sappy

This is supposed to be one of those sappy posts that talks about all I’m grateful for in 2019: a year that marked the start of this firm and a great year in the markets. I’m not going to do that though…I’m going to tell you why I’m grateful for something utterly inane that has taught me all I need to know about investing: the game of golf.

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Is There Any Value To Value? Thumbnail

Is There Any Value To Value?

Why have value stocks underperformed their growth stock counterparts for so long now? I’m not totally sure. But, I have debunked a couple of the common myths around value’s underperformance and offered a possible explanation here...

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