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Markets Are Competitive.

We Believe Our Fees Should Be Too.

Cost-Conscious Fees

Because Wanting to Optimize Your Wealth Shouldn’t Deplete It

How do you measure the value of a financial advisor?

What You Get

Ex. investment returns, tax-saving solutions, Secure retirement income

What You Pay

Ex. percentage of assets under management, Flat fees, hidden costs


Because we can’t control the markets, that leaves us with one conclusion:

Costs Matter.

How Do We Keep Our Fees Reasonable?

We Do It By:

  • Embracing Technology
  • Running an Efficient Business Model
  • Growing Our Firm at a Reasonable Rate
  • Making Costs a Focal Point

Our Fees

Comprehensive Financial Plan

$2,500 to $10,000 (Varies by Complexity)

You may be interested in working with an advisor to address specifics about your financial plan, or you may not be ready to work together on an ongoing basis. For those looking for short-term engagements, we offer our services for a one-time, flat fee based on the time needed and complexity of your financial concerns.

Ongoing Wealth Management

0.40% of Assets Under Management

For those wishing to work together on an ongoing basis, we charge a simple percentage of the assets held under management with our firm. There are no hidden costs or gimmicks to our pricing, just one flat percentage fee to keep your advisor at your service and standing by to address your evolving needs today, tomorrow, and into the future.

No Exorbitant Pricing.
No Proprietary Products to Push.

Just Easy-to-Understand, Reasonable Fees That Work in Your Best Interest.

Let’s Get Started